"Exploring arithmetic & math through play ".


The game consists of one large triangle that is divided into two smaller triangles and a quadrangle. Inside these three figures – i.e. the fields – are the CELL values or target numbers. In this puzzle there are 3 CELL values.

The fields or cells are surrounded by nodes. There are 6 nodes in total. Additionally, players are given (6) play values. The play values must be placed in the nodes in such a way that the SUM (addition +) or PRODUCT (multiplication X) of the surrounding node values equals the required field value.  


The concept is simple, but the solution requires quite a bit of brainpower.

It is a combination of analyzing, reasoning and trying out.

RESOLF will provide the puzzles, but you must work out the solutions!

Each puzzle has a unique solution and, naturally, the answer key is included.

Off course there is HELP like HINTS or some PLAY values are equal.

The animation on the right shows a step-by-step explanation of how to play the game.

In this math puzzle,  the addition (+) or sum of the play values must equal the value in each field.

In fact, the purpose is to determine the correct order, arrangement of the play values leading to the required field values.

Footnote: another (mathematical) word for arrangement is permutation.


Er zijn 4 varianten binnen RESOLF:

1. de SOM-PUZZEL: (+)



4. de FUNCTIE PUZZEL: (x,y) -> f(x)